Thursday February 5th, 2015

We are going to be working on mobility. We do this every Thursday, I am a huge believer in active recovery. As far as active recovery goes most people will avoid working it. It is kind of like eating your vegetable most people don't enjoy it but it is really good for you. Consider me your mother in this case, you've got to do your mobility work before you can have your desert. Kim Schwab is going to be teaching Yoga and inversions today. Desert:)

This is Ido Portal. He has an incredible view of health and fitness and is truly at the forefront of movement and health. Here is a bit from his bio:


Starting from an early age in Traditional Martial Arts I was always obsessed with the physical.

Later on, at 15 I met the Afro-Brazilian Capoeira, a meeting that sent me on a lifetime journey leading to the realization that I don't just love Martial Arts or Strength or this or that, but I am actually obsessed with... Movement.

That epiphany got me to embark on a journey to study from 'Movement Teachers'. After countless searches, I could not find anyone who HONESTLY could represent that title, and believe me, I've searched - around the world.

Shit, I mean, don't pee on my leg and tell me its raining.

All those 'Movement Teachers' were talking about a SPECIFIC discipline - either Dance or the Martial or Fitness but none were actually interested in the bigger picture of movement. They also lacked some basic tools that were not available within their own disciplines to deal with Movement in the highest level.

So, I decided to become that person. How presumptuous, I know, but also how necessary.

“Over the years I've traveled the world both teaching and studying from a variety of teachers: from Osteopaths, Manual Therapists and MD's to Professional Dancers, Yogis, Athletes, Circus Performers and Fighters.”

I tried not neglecting any angle, from nutritional approaches to movement & health to Functional Anatomy & Physiology to methodology of the training process to mental aspects of movement practice and more.

Slowly I started to form a body of knowledge and a point of view on Movement Education, development, cultivation. My workshops became very popular and I found myself traveling everywhere to teach: all of Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Canada, the US, all over Asia and Australia.

Check out his website