Smith and Esch Strength and Conditioning Wednesday December 23rd, 2015

Warm-up: 15min

SSP: 5min


3 rounds of :

10 x dead hang shrug

20m x bear crawl (down and Back 1 time)

20m x crab crawl (down and back 1 time)

30 seconds in crab bridge with the hips pushed to the ceiling


Tabata 20 seconds on 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds of speed front squats.

Using a full range of motion complete as many reps as possible. If the bar is set down during the 4 minute tabata you will be penalized 20 burpee pull-ups for each infraction.

Men use 95lb/ women use 55lb


Using the same weight as on the tabata do 6 rounds, 1 round every 3 min of:

5 x snatch (full)

10 x push-up

15 x knees to elbows