Wednesday January 7th, 2015

Ilya Aleksandrovich Ilyin ( born 24 May 1988) is a Kazakh weightlifter. Ilyin has won two Olympic championships and four world championships. He is currently the world and Olympic record holder in both the clean and jerk (233 kg) and the overall total (418 kg) in the 94 kg class. On the 15 of November 2014, Ilyin clean and jerked 242kg setting a new world record in the -105kg class. He is Kazakhstan's first two-time Olympic champion.

Today's Focus is power-strength. We are going to be working the back squat in combination with the behind the neck jerk.  We will start off with 5x5  jerk position box hops for maximal explosive height. Landing with straight legs on top of the box. Then Then we will move in small groups of similar strength and each get in line on a rack. The bar will be loaded up with an appropriate starting weight and we will work up to a 1 Rep max back squat + Jerk. Once you can not complete the jerk, you will continue through the congo line squatting until no more reps can be achieved. 

Warm-up: 15min

SSP: 5min

Power-strength :

5x5 Jerk position box hops 

Then  The Back squat + Jerk Congo line 


5x5 rollouts 

5x5 pull-ups