Tuesday January 6th, 2015

MSIC Eduard Akhramenko
(8-times Champion of Russia, 4-times Champion of Europe, 3-times World Champion)

Today we are going to break down the long cycle into it's 2 distinct parts. The clean and the jerk. We are going to separate these out so that we can work a much faster pace than what is possible in the full long cycle. 

Warm-up: 15min

SSP: 5min

Kettlebell sport: 30min

Clean @ comp weight for 3 min @ +5 to +6 rpm 

rest 3min

Clean @ -4kg for 5 min @ +7 to +8 rpm 

Rest 5min 

Jerk @ comp weight for 3 min @ +5 to +6 rpm

rest 3 min

Jerk @ -4kg for 5 min @ +7 to +8 rpm 


5 min AMRAP 

completing each exercise in sets of 10 do: 

10 toes to bar and 10 push-ups